Why Choose Aegean Сotton Products?

Why Choose Aegean Cotton?

Why Choose Aegean Сotton Bedding, Bath Towels, and Bathrobes?

When shopping for products to elevate your bathing and relaxation experience and truly enjoy your "me time" it's important to consider softness and absorbency of materials they are made of.

Bath towels and robes made of polyester never stand a chance against high-quality cotton products. They don't offer the same characteristics for collecting moisture off your body as well as not leaving a sensation of soft touch, so valuable when you are trying to relax.

Cotton products perform considerably better at this task, but, you see, cotton is also not all the same. There are regular sorts and premium high-quality ones. One such variety was carefully selected by us and is widely presented across our product range - Aegean cotton.

Aegean cotton is grown in the Aegean Sea region of western Turkey which favourable climate and fertile soils contribute to the production of one of the finest textile material used in production of premium bedding, duvet covers, pillowcases, towels, bathrobes, clothes, and more.

Let us explain why we are so selective about it...

Strength and Softness

Truly elegant balance. Aegean cotton has long fibres that are both soft and strong. They have lower chance to tear or break due to length of the strands.

High Durability

Aegean cotton has an ability to retain its bright color and soften more after multiple washings.

Premium Absorbency

Ever felt wet after using a towel? Plush long fibres will absorb moisture off your body with a gentle touch and keep you calm and relaxed.


It dries quickly. Unlike Egyptian or Pima cotton known to be especially absorbent that are also known for holding extreme levels of moisture - Aegean cotton will dry faster. Again, intricate balance that will perform excellently in high humidity conditions e.g. bathroom.


Synthetic fibres and chemical traces may cause skin irritation and allergies. Cotton is naturally hypoallergenic. 

Aegean cotton is one of the most expensive types of cotton on the market, but its high quality and durability make it a popular choice for people who value quality and comfort. 

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